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Massage praktijk ShanT, Den Haag

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Fantasy Fair Archeon 2006

Cartoons by Jet de Wilde

Poppen dokter - Doll doctor Shop in Amsterdam

The Hague - an empty city

Decor building   Decor bouw

ShanT and Mary...

Art photography  -  Fotografie

Frigge Timmerwerken Den Haag. - kinderkamer

Tarot by Sona.     Tarot kaarten van Sona.

Hand made cotton paper factory India  -  Hand geschept katoen papier India.

Statues The Hague  -  Beeldentuin Lange Voorhout Den Haag

Ardennen kanoeing  -  Ardennen kano varen

OSHO Ashram


Tibettan Pulsing Healing

Frequencies of Brilliance Shamanic Training

Diving in Egypt  -  Duiken in Egypte

Art Photography  -  Fotografie

ShanT in Nepal

My Altar - How to make an altar  -  Hoe maak je een altaar?

Schilderijen  -  Zonder stroom


Eye of GOD  -  and his face!!!

Inner Warrior Club and Marcus van Soest  -  Inner Warrior en Marcus van Soest


Flower Clown, Ronnie Flower

Tischa in Egypt

Tischa and friends


ShanT and his photography  -  ShanT en zijn fotografie

ShanT as a child  -  ShanT als kind

ShanT in India

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OSHO - Commune kids

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With Dalai Lama March 2007  Including photo's from Dharmsala.. Intervieuw with an Australian Monk, living in a nunnery for the past 5 years in Dharmsala. How different is it compared to the commune? How Thangka's are being made in Norbulingka, Dharmsala, India Thanka's from Dharmsala, India, made by Norbulinka institute Exclusive Thangka's from Nepal Two clowns in Nepal, march 2007....  ShanT in Nepal 1998
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Beard lama blesses thangka's... Hand made paper factory in Poona, India OSHO commune children    

In dedication to my friend, and teacher. OSHO

There is an unaccounted group of people who don't have the best experience in their time with OSHO. These are the children of the sannyassins, that were left on their own, so they could be free from their parents ideologies, programming. They should find their own teachers in all other sannyassins, living in the communes...

Practically this came down to children running around without structure, without classic schooling, without anyone taking care of them. In practice this meant there were no grown ups available for them, because they were involved in trainings, therapies, meditation and loving one another. In reality in many cases they were left alone.

OSHO said; 'The child needs nourishment support, but not help. '

OSHO commune kids on facebook

In this space I have been in, and with me many. There have been some publications about them, one by Tim Guest and one by a dutch woman Maroesja Perizonius. Since these two publications, which were welcomed by anti-sectarian media. It has always been hard for the Sangam, the community around OSHO to take in criticism. I know because I was part of the community facing the publications against 'the sect' my family produced every time I came to visit. Nothing was investigated. All was dismissed. How could the master of masters be wrong? We were feeling so good! Alive! We were real people! And the world was a grey mass with games of power and wars. And amidst this I feel the need to address this issue. We, the commune children, who were not nourished, who were left alone, who did things we didn't want for love. 


OSHO said; ' the children were the responsibility of the commune. Family transfer all their sickness, stupid ideas, ideologies on the child. The child should be free from the family. The commune will take care of the children. It will be their responsibility. '




In this space, left by parents and 'taken care of' by the commune, things went wrong. In the 'deprogramming' that was part of OSHO's therapies, the minor or mature boundaries had gone. I know of so many stories of young women that in search for love and care of the absent father, shared their body and bed with grown up men. My sister, Anjori, was one of them. She lost her virginity at the age of thirteen, in the Bhagwan Ashram in Pune. She lost it to an Indian guard, who was still in good memory of her when I met him ten years after.

Me and my sister

In my family things went absurd. I hided. My sister rebelled. Just to get a feeling what our life was about, I will tell a few anecdotes. 

As my sister rebelled, she was a screaming fury in the house. I can only presume that it was because we were not allowed to see our father anymore after my parents divorce. No that he ever did anything wrong to us, but he had beaten our mother. Somewhere my mother thought it wise to allow her to have sex with men. Elder men. one of them, a singer, would come to our house in the afternoon, have a cup of tea with us, my mother and me, and go up to have sex with my sister. He was  24 years old, my sister was 14. In this atmosphere my mother thought it helpful  to teach me how to kiss a girl by practicing on her face and lips.  And then there was this message from the leadership of the big commune in Oregon. Children should have their first sexual experience with elder men and women...or their elders...

I was extremely fragile in this time. All the changes, the divorce, we had moved to another town where I had no friends... and my mother changing into a bounder less woman. I could hardly cope. So when she told the news at our dinner table, I was in shock. So much so that I didn't dare enter my mothers sleeping room anymore, and was scared of her touch.

TheThese were the results of a misinterpreting of OSHO. I am quit sure he didn't mention all this. I am also quit sure my mother didn't know what she was doing. Still the damage was done.

So here we are, the untold story, the denied past. As was seen in the documentary of Maroesja Perizonius, the commune leader denies any knowledge of these happenings, which is a total lie. I know of more commune leaders  from close experience, who had sex with minors, as well as therapists. I was taught the lovemaking by a girl that had sex from the age of 13 with all the men in the commune. She was a fine teacher.

Now I will come to the reason of this story. It was for some a crime what happened, but most of us didn't know any better. We lived in an atmosphere where everyone was hugging and having sex. We joined, laughed, hugged... But what happened to us? What happened to me?

10 years ago my mother, who is unable to be anything but a therapist, confronted me with my life and the kind of friends I had. For the first time I told her of what happened and what did it to me. Now she has had a tendency to respond to anything that she didn't like about our past, to forget it, and call me a liar, or convince me my memory was at fault. In this case, she does this again. Like Dassana, my mother denies anything. This is, for me the real crime.

My pride about OSHO was his stand against the status quo. His talks on the politicians and priests, the maffia of the soul, were splendid. Now what did he mean with these lectures?  Was he in favor of institutionalizing his teachings, to create a school for parrots, the new priesthood of therapists and meditation leaders? Or did he want each individual stand on his own authority, based on truth and self inspection. Can Dassana deny the things that so many children had undergone? For what reason? For her escaping jail? I think most of it happened too long ago. Is it for her credibility? Her ego? Is her priesthood at stake? And does that make it right to sacrifice the commune children? Tell me the truth. Are we here to support the new religion, or have a live spirituality? I, for instance, would like to make peace with the past, as truth will set us free...

Please respond to my story, and send yours if you have one.

Love you all.

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With Dalai Lama March 2007  Including photo's from Dharmsala..

Beard lama blesses thangka's...

Dharmsala, McLeod Ganj, Monks, Temples and a lot of Um Mani Padme Um...

Nepal 2007, pictures and stories...

Intervieuw with an Australian Monk, living in a nunnery for the past 5 years in Dharmsala. How different is it compared to the commune?


Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche Tulku...
Dilgo Kyentse
Rinpoche Tulku


Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche Tulku with Tischa, my daughter...
With cha



Timmerman, meubelmaker, interieurbouw, renovatie, kasten, schilder.

Timmerman, meubelmaker, interieurbouw, renovatie, zolder verbouwen.

Den haag en Den Bosch

Frigge Timmerwerken


Exclusive Thangka's from Nepal

Sadhu's, Sadhu's and Sadhu's...

Two clowns in Nepal, march 2007....

Greetings from Katmandu

Sadhu's, Sadhu's and Sadhu's... and a clown!

Thanka school in Nepal

Erotic ancient art from Nepal...

Orphanage, Hamro Jivan, visited by american clown, Flower clown...